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Entry #1

Hey guys!!

2009-08-26 14:58:51 by batzanakis

I am joining the plate-guys!I will be sausage-plate!They are really cool!Ask chat-man if you want to join.

I am really good at flash and guess what?My friend zZSpongeFreak26Zz is getting a tablet so now we will make flashes together yay!


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2009-08-26 23:25:21

The Plate guys are spammers and Hackers.
Un join.


2009-08-27 14:35:05

zZspongefreak26Zz hates me and what plate are you again?


2009-08-29 11:05:54

Well um hey.You wanted me to be on your flash portal buddies list... but I'm not a member of plate crew.